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Boracay Beach, Palawan

There are probably no other beach resorts in Philippines that enjoys such celebrity status as the world famous Boracay Beach. Where is Boracay I used to think that Boracay was a beach located on the shores of palawan. This is a common misconception (or maybe just mine). Boracay is really an island that is located […]

Banana Cue, a Filipino Snack

sweet banana cue

Banana Cue, a familiar fruit made into a delicious and healthy snack. A piece of banana can be an excellent source of energy. It’s a popular sustenance for those who work out in a gym and want to lose some weight. Adding to the nutrients a banana possesses is the sugar needed to make banana […]

Philippine Dragon Boat Team wins Gold

Philippine dragon boat team

Dragon Boat Team Gets Gold The Philippine Dragon Boat Team once again wins the gold in the men’s International Open Small Boat 800-meter event in Sumatra, Indonesia. The competition was joined by more than 20 countries. The Philippine Team blazes against 15 opponents including Southeast Asian champions like Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and […]

Raon, A Haven for Cheap Electronics

Raon’s Cheap Electronics Bargain If you’re the type of person who can’t get enough of gadgets or if you’re simply searching for a rare electronic spare parts, then Raon, Manila is your kind of place. Raon has almost every electronic part you could think of, not surprising as it is almost at the heart of […]

Gloria Arroyo vs Plunder Case

arroyo pcso

The Plunder Case On June 16, 2012, the office of the Ombudsman presented plunder allegations against former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The charges claims that Mrs. Arroyo along with other officials are guilty of misappropriating almost P360 million of PCSO funds that were supposed to be for charity use. Former PCSO officials who are accused […]

Dolphy Dead at 83, Filipinos Mourn

Dolphy Dead

Dolphy Dead at Age 83 July 10, 2012 is a sad day for Filipinos both young and old. Dolphy, the country’s comedy king has passed away after months of hospitalization due to pneumonia. Dolphy died at the Makati Medical Center. Dolphy or Rodolfo Quizon in real life, is the patriarch of the Quizon family, a […]

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